A few of our own Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my appraisal cost?

Fees, starting at $400 for single family residences vary based primarily on the size and complexity of the property. See our rate schedule for more information.


Are you a licensed appraiser?

Yes, we a fully licensed in the state of New Jersey. We are State Certified meaning we are licensed to do all types of real estate in the State of New Jersey. https://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/nonmedical/reappraisers.htm


How long will it take to receive my report?

In most case, you can expect a one week turnaround time  from the date of the property inspection. Additional time may be required based on the complexity of the assignment. Click here https://www.ruappraisals.biz/WhyOrderOnline to save time by using our online ordering and payment system.

When will my inspection be scheduled?

We require the homeowner to be present during the inspection and we need full access to the property. Appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Contact Ray Underhill at 609-203-1194 to schedule your appointment today.

What information is included in the report? My own research?

A complete, detailed report including market data, trends and a thorough description of your property should be expected. Appraisals are required to include three comparable sales. However, RU Appraisals, LLC will include additional comparables, if required, to cover a complete analysis of your property. In today's market we may add actively listed and undercontract listings. In addition, many times homeowners have information from other real estate professionals. Yes, we can take that under consideration. They must be supported by facts from a realtors listings or tax assessor's information. Not hearsay.

How does financial news and current events effect my appraisal?

In today’s market, one must keep abreast of the financial news and events that help shape the value of your property. Be assured that RU Appraisals, LLC, will deliver a fair and accurate appraisal based on current market conditions. That is our commitment to the industry standards, and that is our commitment to you.

I have additional questions. Will I be charged for a consultation?

RU Appraisals, LLC, is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns during free phone consultations. Call or text Ray today at 609-203-1194.