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As licensed Certified General Appraiser with over two decades of experience, Ray has the training and competence to provide the type of dependable property value opinions that clients depend on whether its commercial or residential. With years of experience behind him, he is more than ready to help his clients with anything from starter homes to the most complex valuations. Ray has solved some of the more complex appraisal problems which gives him the experience and knowledge to handle most any valuation. The following are some of the assignments Ray has completed over the years. If one is missing, please contact him for a new challenge. Solving a problem is his expertise. Its more than just filling out a form or words in a report. 

  1. Estate Appraisals-Date of Death      
  2.  Buying/selling a property              
  3.  Divorce Settlement      
  4.  Tax Assessment Disputes       
  5.  Land Valuations-Highest and Best Use   
  6.  Commercial properties           
  7. Easements-Temporary or Permanent: Bridge easements over water 
  8. Tidelands and   Wetlands            
  9. Assemblage of smaller lots        
  10.  Reviews both residential and commercial.     
  11.  Mixed use properties          
  12. Condemnations Appraisals-Reviews

 A Certified General Appraiser  


It comes down to solving a valuation problem with data to back up the opinion of value. A clear, concise, well-written report with detailed data to back up the opinion of value is the goal. A requirement is researching to find out about every detail on that sale and how it will impact the opinion of value. At times it's not enough to find similar comparable sales and put them in the report.  But they must make sense to support the opinion of value so it will be less likely to be challenged.  Through years of reviewing and writing reports, I have understood what it takes to provide a well-written report with thorough research to support my opinion of value. I will solve your real estate valuation issue.  The Certified General Appraiser is the State of New Jersey highest licensing level provided. The license enables the appraiser to handle all real property types.

A favorite quote of mine from a respected leader.  

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people. Theodore Roosevelt

 What's an Appraisal? 

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