Divorce Appraisals

As a result of this COVID19 pandemic there might be a few more divorces as its sad to say. Rest assured we are here to help you navigate through the appraisal process.

Two options are available in a divorce with regard to real estate. Either the property is sold with the proceeds divided equitably, or one partner purchases the other’s interest. I can provide an unbiased opinion of value for both parties saving time and money.  Most good attorneys realize a good appraiser provides a well written report with well supported value from closed sales.  The most important part of the process is to provide to both parties a fair market value for the property.  Whether its a commercial property, residential or land rest assured we can handle your needs.

 During this stressful time RU Appraisals LLC understands your concerns and will conduct your appraisal with sensitivity and fairness. It is our goal to help you arrive at your settlement. We are committed to fairness and objectivity without vested interest.

 Attorneys and accountants rely on an estimate of fair market value to conclude your divorce. However, proceedings may linger over a period of time, and in an ever-changing real estate market, it is possible the value of the property is not the same as the date of separation. Since we have experience with retroactive appraisals, we are able to base the fair market value on a pre-determined date, if needed.

 By delivering a 100% supported appraisal, there will be no question we will have met our commitment. Again, in many cases, our report is used by both parties which saves both time and money.

 Our ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) binds us with confidentiality ensuring the fullest degree of discretion. Finally, the firm's founder believes in being upfront and honest. This is paramount to conducting out daily business.

You want to be on your way to that much needed vacation.