Looking for a specialist in the Ocean-Monmouth County area?
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When you’re looking for a real estate appraiser in Ocean-Monmouth Counties,  including most of New Jersey your search start and ends here.  We appraise real estate in  both counties along with the remainder of most portions of New Jersey.  Real estate values in these areas real estate values are unique and you benefit by using a local  appraiser like RU Appraisals,LLC. Who should choose us to serve their real estate appraisal needs?

A local expert. Yes you can call the two counties I am the local expert and know waterfront properties.  I understand what that means, but I am licensed Certified General Appraiser who can appraise any property types throughout the State of New Jersey.  In the residential market when I did mortgage lending work they tried to keep you local since to avoid time on the road and faster turn time.  As I expanded in my appraisal business I began to understand you should be able to do any type of property in any location as long as you become compete of the area. Thus this can mean driving the area, talking to local municipal officials, realtors and even home owners/business owners and I would venture to state any good appraiser should be able to familiar themselves with an area to do a compete appraisal. Sure certain areas have characteristics that you must know that affect the value. For example,  waterfront properties, but any good appraiser should be able to figure out immediately that waterfront properties require waterfront sales.  I have seen that before that an appraiser does not use waterfront sales on a waterfront property.


I live in Whiting NJ Manchester Township in a 55 plus community.  Does that make me an expert in 55 plus? Of course. I have completed  appraisals  in Manchester Township and surrounding areas ,so I know the area and what to look for. I am familiar with it because I live here.  In the end if you work a certain area most likely you do become the local expert of that area. Plus I am 40 minutes from the coastlne. Its great having both worlds. Pinelands and the Ocean.