Land Appraisals




Land is a scarce or non-existant commodity in New Jersey.  Finding comparable properties and making adjustments for land conditions and size are challenges that face appraisers when evaluating a fair market value for the property.  RU Appraisals, LLC has completed over a hundred land appraisals and has the experience needed to take on these challenges. 
Our land appraisal experience includes:
  • Before and after value appraisals for enhancements, sales or purchase of land parcels
  • Public land purchases
  • Small land parcels
  • Unique properties including waterfront, tidelands and rivers
  • Temporary easements

At RU Appraisals, LLC, we have found honest reporting goes a long way with our clients and the public.  Before you sell or purchase a property, contact us at 732-477-8590 or rayundehill@comcast to ensure your transaction is appropriate.